Terms and Conditions

Conditions for the Letting of St George’s Centre


Customers who wish to hire the facilities of St George’s Church or Church Centre are required to do so under the conditions set out below.

 PDF download of Conditions for the Letting of St George’s Centre

A. Bookings

  1. Customers wishing to make a firm booking should complete and sign the booking form and return to: Bookings, St George’s Centre, 60 Great George Street, LEEDS, LS1 3DL.
  2. Arrangements to view the centre can be made by phoning the  office on 0113 383 2140, 09.00-05.00, Monday to Friday.
  3. When making a booking customers are required to pay a non-returnable deposit of 10% of the total cost (or the full price if this is less than £50).
  4. The full fee must be paid 10 days prior to the event.
  5. There is limited parking and is restricted to one vehicle for the organizer of an event.
  6. There is parking for the disabled. Please obtain your parking permit from the Centre.
  7. All prices listed on the website are for direct bookings only, not bookings going through a thrid party, e.g. an agency.

B. Health & Safety

  1. Hirers must ensure that full supervision is provided during lettings and that proper risk assessments have been carried out where necessary. The church will not be responsible for any claims which may arise as a result of negligence on the part of hirers.
  2. Hirers should ensure that the premises are not left unattended at any time.
  3. Hirers must provide adequate first aid cover.
  4. Hirers may only use car parking spaces that have been allocated to them and are responsible for ensuring the compliance of customers in this respect. Most of the car parking spaces around the centre are let commercially or have been designated as church staff parking spaces. No vehicle should block any entrance/exit.
  5. All fire exits should be kept clear at all times.
  6. Animals are not allowed on the premises except guide dogs.
  7. Any electrical equipment brought onto the premises by the hirer must be PAT tested.
  8. Organisers of activities for children and young people must have in place adequate child protection policies and should ensure that young people under 18 are supervised at all times.
  9. The Church and Church Centre has a NO SMOKING Policy. Please note smoking is prohibited in the grounds of the Church and Church Centre except in the designated smoking area.

C. General Conditions

  1. As part of St George’s Church we are unable to take bookings from religious groups whose faith is different to that of St George’s and who wish to use the premises specifically for religious purposes (eg worship). 
  2. The hiring times will be from the time that the first person requires entry until the time the last person leaves the church centre, and must include preparation and clearing up time.
  3. Only the accommodation requested may be used. If other accommodation or equipment is used a charge will be levied.
  4. Hirers must ensure that premises and grounds are left in a clean and tidy state after their use, that all litter is removed and where items of furniture or equipment have been moved they are put back in position. Any kitchen equipment used must be cleaned and put away.
  5. Please contact the office on 0113 383 2140 regarding all catering facilities.
  6. The Centre administrator/Caretaker will be available to let people into the building at the agreed access time. Thereafter it will be the responsibility of the hirer to arrange entry for latecomers.
  7. The hirer should bear in mind that the Church Centre is bounded by residential accommodation.
  8. Users of the centre are asked to be mindful of the needs of residents and of other groups using the centre. Customers should ensure that all visitors enter and leave the premises quietly. Excessive noise may cause hiring to be terminated.
  9. No booking shall extend beyond 23.00pm.
  10. Alcohol may be consumed but not sold on the premises. Commercial gambling is not permitted.
  11. Please be aware there may be other people using the Centre and also the kitchen and we would ask that you work safely and harmoniously around each other.
  12. We request that no notices or posters are blu tacked or sellotaped to the walls of the Centre. Or items hung from the ceiling tiles. Display boards are available for this. Confetti is prohibited.
  13. We do not provide high chairs for babies.

D. Insurance and Damage

  1. The church cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to property within its buildings and grounds.
  2. The church has insurance cover for liabilities which it incurs as a result of lettings but personal accident insurance and any insurance for liabilities incurred by hirers are the responsibility of hirers themselves.
  3. The hirer shall pay to the church on demand the cost of reinstating or replacing any part of the premises or any property whatsoever belonging to the church, in or upon the premises, which is damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed during the period of hiring.

E. Cancellation

  1. In the event of a customer cancelling a booking the church reserves the right to charge the following costs:

If the cancellation is made:

  • 8-14 days before the hire date: 25% of the fee 3-7 days before the hire date: 50% of the fee
  • 2 days or fewer before the hire date: the full fee.

Please note that if the 10% non refundable deposit isn’t paid at the time of booking a 10% cancellation fee will apply with any booking regardless of notice given.

The church reserves the right to cancel letting arrangements, without notice if necessary. This will be done only in exceptional circumstances.