Nurture Catering

Great facilities and food, friendly and helpful staff who are always willing to go the extra mile.
CRI Learning & Development

St George’s Centre is proud to recommend Nurture, a social enterprise from St George’s Crypt, for quality buffet style lunches and refreshments. The Events Manager will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

A Nurture Menu is available for download.

About Nurture 

Nurture Catering is based within the main Crypt and engages with client trainees who are ready to enter the workplace at their own pace until their confidence and skills are built to a level they feel allows them to go into mainstream work. They are mentored and pastorally supported in order to fulfil their own potential.

In doing this quality food is served on a daily basis to the St George’s Centre which in turn funds the costs of trainers and commodities.

Nurture Horticulture

Nurture Horticulture works in a similar vein looking after gardens, public spaces and growing organic vegetables and flowers for sale.

Nurture horticulture is based within our hostel Faith Lodge and has access to a 60 acre farm. We are now claiming back the land which has lain fallow for some considerable time.

Other Catering

St Georges are happy for you to use alternative catering sources, or to use our kitchen facilities to prepare your own food, there is a cost of £15.00 per hour for the use of our kitchen facilities. If you should choose to use an alternative supplier to Nurture Catering or prepare your own food we ask you to download, fill out and return no later than two days before your event a food waiver form.

Please see our Information Form and download an Application Form.